The Tale of the Bookworm

I am what other people refer to as a bookworm. 

I am quite certain that I was already reading Tagalog comics in second grade but it was in the summer before fourth grade when I discovered the Nancy Drew book collection (probably, my aunt's when she was younger) in my grandmother's bookcase. From then on, reading became one of my favorite pastimes. 

I remember saving up my allowance just to buy Sweet Valley Twins books by Francine Pascal in elementary. I also remember renting romance pocketbooks in Tagalog even during those times. My memory of the books and the stories were long gone but I remember that the owner of the bookstore talked to my grandma because I racked up fines amounting to almost 80 pesos (which was already so steep during those times) because I didn't return one of the books that I borrowed. 

It was the love of reading that caused me to wear eyeglasses before third year in high school. You see, my father didn't want me to read romance pocketbooks when I was younger so I was secretly reading books in the dark. Sometimes I'd use a flashlight but oftentimes, I just make do of the faint light that filled into my bedroom from the living room since our house didn't have ceiling before. 

This 2021, as a way to RESET, I want my reading habit to be more intentional. Thus, I am going to list down on this page the books that I have read so I can check on my progress. My goal is to read at least one book per week this year, or at least 52 book in 2021. Let's see if I could reach my goal. Here's my list, broken down into two categories: completed reading and started reading but didn't finish.

Completed Books

  1. The 8 Minute Organizer: Easy Solutions to Simplify Your Life in Your Spare Time by Regina Leeds - 01/03/2021
  2. A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind by Shoukei Matsumoto - 01/06/2021
  3. Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space by Kathi Lipp - 01/10/2021

Started Reading but....

  1. Singletasking by Devora Zack - status: started reading 01/08/2021, stopped reading halfway through Chapter One.