Our New Home Construction is Now Complete

After one year and two contractors, our long wait is finally over.

Thank you God for being with us every step of the way. We really felt your presence, guidance and support through all the hurdles we needed to go through in the past year. Your grace and love is beyond compare, oh God!

My family and I are grateful to each and every one who helped us make this home a reality. You've been such a blessing to us and we pray that God continue to bless you and yours. Without your sweat and blood, recommendations, dedication, encouraging words and "constructive" criticisms, this project will not be completed.

My hubby and I stayed with our two kids in our house while the whole structure was being renovated - and it's an experience that I would not recommend to anyone who isn't resilient and flexible, and who has low tolerance for noise, dust and chaos.

For a year, we experienced having our living space gradually reduced from a three bedroom, two bath house to something that seems like a tiny studio type apartment, as the workers demolished parts of the old house while constructing parts of the new one. 

The first part of the old house that got to go was the kitchen when they demolished it sometime in August last year. They were in the thick of the construction then so even when we transferred the stove to the front of house,  it was so dusty to even consider cooking and preparing meals when the construction was ongoing. So, yes, we mostly relied on take out meals and food deliveries, as dining in restaurants is out of the equation because of the pandemic. Ask us about any restaurant on Facebook and Grabfood in Angeles City and it's likely that we ordered from them already. 😁 I also have to mention that for months, we washed dishes in the front yard in a makeshift sink after the workers leave or before they arrive in the morning. To be fair, it's me 20% of the time and hubby 80% 😁.

Sometime in January, we finally moved to a newly constructed part of our house that consisted of enough space for the dining table and refrigerator, two bedrooms and a bathroom. We managed to stay in this little bubble until the second week of May when the divider between the side of the house where we're staying and the rest of the house was taken down. 

Even when we claim that we're tough, the dust, paint fumes and cigarette smoke made us go hide in the bedroom all day. It felt like living in a small studio type apartment - of course, still no kitchen. 

Pre-construction, we had a "no food allowed in the bedrooms" rule at home but we let this rule slide during this time. The only caveat was no one should drop any food particle anywhere in the bedroom. Again, no one.

When the house was finally done and we were given the go signal to use the whole house, I felt like a newly born baby who spent months cramped inside his mom's tummy. Just when he thinks that the space was too tight, out he goes to the outside world, where he can freely move, kick and squirm. 

Because of our experience, I appreciated our new home more than the other houses we owned before. I also have a higher respect for construction workers now because for more than a year, I saw what they had to go through in order to provide us the home that we'll cherish. 

I'm most appreciative of my wonderful husband, the most dependable and caring person I had ever known. This guy right here is hands down a Godsent blessing beyond my wildest imagination.

Kudos to my kiddos for being so resilient all throughout the past school year. They were focused on school work and online classes despite all the construction noise, which would have driven me crazy if I were in their shoes. Great job finishing the school year with awards, my princesses!!!

Now that the house construction is complete, it's time to unpack our stuff and start decorating.

Love and light everyone!


  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to be there during the double celebration, the house blessing and the birthday 🤩🤩🤩

    1. Anytime Momsie. Kung wara lang COVID restrictions, kamo gid una makaadto.


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