My March 2021 Book List

My March 2020 Book List

Who Moved My Cheese?, a book written by Dr. Spencer Johnson, was the first book that I read this month. It was a very short read, telling an insightful story of how four characters, named Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw, dealt with change - and how each of us can be represented by one (or more, in different points in life) of these characters in real life.

After that first book, I knew I had to read another book from Dr. Johnson. I got hold of The Present: The Gift That Makes You Happy and Successful at Work and in Life, and I felt joy even in the first few hours that I applied to real life what I've learned from this book. Being in the present while learning from the past and planning for the future can really multiply your happiness. The Present somehow gave me a new perspective in looking at (and appreciating) everything and everyone in my life.

Speaking of learning from the past, I learned last month that reading nonfiction books can cause me to have a bookworm burnout, if ever there is such a thing. Thus, I read The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown, which featured four "scandalously romantic novellas" from four different writers: One True Love by Suzanne Enoch, Two Hearts by Karen Hawkins, A Dozen Kisses by Mia Ryan and Thirty-six Valentines by Julia Quinn. I actually wrote a book review on this blog post: The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown.

I went back to Dr. Johnson's writing after reading that four-part book from the Bridgerton series. This time, it's Out of the Maze: An A-Mazing Way to Get Unstuck. This is a continuation of the story of Hem and how he got out of the maze along with Hope after being stuck in it for a while. It's also where I learned that sadly, Dr. Spencer Johnson passed away due to pancreatic cancer a few years ago.

Since I already started binge-reading on Dr. Johnson's books, why not continue with another one, right? And so, I read Peak and Valleys: Making Good and Bad Times Work for You — at Work and in Life. It tells that we can use the peaks and valleys in our life to:

  • manage your good and bad times,
  • get out of a valley sooner,
  • stay on a peak longer,
  • get on your next peak, and
  • help people.

Five books in March, another five in February and five more books in January (plus 1 book I read with my daughter). With the rate things are going, I'll probably reach my 52 books this 2021 goal. I wonder what my next month's book list is gonna be.

Any book suggestions?


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