2021 - A Time for Reset

2021 reset button
Are you eager to press the "RESET" button this 2021?

Dictionary.com defines reset as "set again or differently." I believe that there's no better time to do a reset than the month of the January, the first month of the year. With too much happening in 2020, I am certain that many are glad to leave that year behind and look forward to the year 2021 with high hopes and new goals.

2020 is arguably the year when a lot of changes happened in all aspects of our lives. There are new norms and new ways to doing things that we never imagined before. But it wasn't totally bad, if we come to think of it. If we give ourselves chance to only ponder on it long enough, 2020 is the year when we were afforded the chance to look into ourselves, realign our priorities and appreciate the people/things/situations that we took for granted in the past.

I already gave up creating new year's resolutions in the past but this 2021, as a way to reset, I will be giving myself concrete goals that I must accomplish during the year. Fortunately, I have a printable Tools4Wisdom planner that can help me plan my year, not only for daily tasks that I needed to accomplish but for goals and priorities that I can work on during the year. 

There are some habits that I want to start this year and changes that I want to incorporate not only into my lifestyle but into my whole being. With the year 2020 giving more significance to the imaginary reset button that ushered the new year 2021, I am hoping that I will be able to stick to my new year's resolutions this year.

Do you also consider that the "RESET" button this 2021 is more significant because of the events in 2020? Is there a specific goal that you want to accomplish this year?



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