Using Free Printable Bible Tabs from the Time-Warp Wife

Who hates freebies? Definitely not me!

I was ready to click the "Place Order" button for some bible tabs on Shopee earlier today when I noticed that the shipping cost is almost 2/3 of the price of the item I was planning to buy. Nope, that's too much so I decided to do an online search for downloadable ones to save on shipping fees. Guess what I found? FREE downloadable bible tabs that are fun, stylish, and, did I mention, free?

Among the myriad choices available on the internet, the free printable bible tabs shared by Darlene Schacht of The Time-Warp Wife definitely caught my attention. There was just a minor error in one of the book titles (Obadiah was spelled as Obediah) but overall, the tabs looked wonderful and were really cute.

I resized the tabs via Photoshop to come up with 1" x 0.25" bible tabs, printed them on sticker paper and used packaging tape to laminate the items so they will be sturdy without being bulky.

Laminating the bible tabs by sticking them to the packaging tape.

After cutting them individually, I had to stick the tab to the page where the corresponding book begins.

Sticking the Bible Tabs. You can overlap them if you want. I just placed them next to each other as the bible tab's design has curves on both sides.

The process of cutting each tab is a bit tedious in the beginning but as I worked on them, I kinda learned the tricks that made the work faster.

After almost a couple of hours work, I'm done sticking everything.

Look! I can still place the bible in the box without the tabs getting in the way.

The finished look!

I love how my bible looks now. It's easier to locate things with these bible indexing tabs. And because these tabs are DIY, they made the bible more personalized for me.

Have you tried doing any DIY crafts recently? Care to share what it's about?


  1. Have you tried DIY bags from t-shirt? You can do shopping bag, tote bags, tassel bags and other creative bags from those.


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