DIY Donut Pillow for Gesh

Last weekend, Georyl asked me if she can surprise Gesh with a donut pillow. I asked her to look for something that she likes on Shopee but she wanted to use the fabrics that she saw among my stuff to make her own donut pillow. Ain't that sweet?

Anyway, since I can't say no to such a request, I let her draw her concept of her donut pillow on a piece of paper. She wanted one with icing, swirls and sprinkles. She also went through my fabrics and then picked a denim fabric for the pillow and a white fabric with pink crisscross lines for the icing. She can't find anything for the sprinkles but I remembered that we have some felt paper among our supplies.

With the supplies ready, we decided to work on the donut pillow. "Work" means I start working on it while Georyl's task was to make sure that Geshery doesn't go to my room when I am working on the pillow.

After about two hours and a handful of needle pricks, here's what I came up with.

GESHERY... Yes, this pillow is for her.

Sorry for the image quality. Here's the other side.

There's no swirls but we got sprinkles. Colorful ones!

I don't know about you but I think that this DIY pillow is not bad for a newbie. Georyl's facial expression when she saw it was definitely worth all the needle pricks that I had. I just hope Geshery likes her pillow when she gets this!


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