Maja Blanca Without Coconut Milk

IMPORTANT: Be sure to read my update at the end of this article.

My kids and I cooked the no gata (coconut milk) maja blanca today using the first recipe that came out of Google Search. Yes, that one with a YouTube video.

Verdict: The recipe, despite the gushing review at the end of the video by whoever cooked it, was a disaster!

Proof: I barely can finish eating a 1"x1" slice of this no gata maja blanca. And this is from someone who loves this Filipino white pudding! 

Sadly, we cooked enough to fill up four containers.

maja blanca without coconut milk
The No Gata Maja Blanca. Good for photo opps but far from the real deal. 😞

Lesson learned: The reason why they refer to maja blanca as coconut pudding is because there's coconut. Regardless of whether I have most of the ingredients on hand, attempting to cook maja blanca without coconut milk is futile.

We already gave away one container before we even tasted it. Now, that we already know how it tastes like, how do we eat the rest? 😂😂😂

UPDATE: Turns out, my youngest daughter and my hubby love this no gata maja blanca. Since she has not tasted the maja blanca with coconut milk yet, I could say that she's just eating it at taste value. So, I guess, the recipe is ok if you are not really craving for the maja blanca taste. As for my hubby, I don't know what his reasons are but I'm just glad that the three containers of maja blanca are now down to one after a day. 

Problem solved!


  1. I don't know about you but I like it. Gesh likes it, too.

  2. 😂😂😂 to My name is Daddy😂😂😂

  3. Hi Sheryl. This is just like what my children made, Buko Pandan without buko. But we were quite happy just eating the pandan-flavored jelly with cream and condensed milk. It's probably because we're craving for something sweet.

    By the way, it's good you're back to blogging. Sigurado, malaki na si Georyl.

    1. Hi Chin chin. Thanks for dropping by. It was probably the taste of coconut that I was craving so I was disappointed when it didn't taste like the maja blanca that I was used to. The next day, I tried eating it and it tasted ok din pala. (no gata maja blanca kasi tapos nag-i-expect ng same taste, hehe) :-)

      Anyway, yes, malaki na siya. Bago matapos ang taon, I'm sure mas matangkad na siya kesa sa akin.


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