House Ideas and Inspirations

When I go online surfing, I see a lot of ideas on interior designs that I would like to apply at home. I usually pin them on Pinterest, download them on my laptop, or save them in an online ideabook at Houzz. But I end up forgetting them all because of the many accounts that I use.

Here's a collection of those pictures of house designs (and my attempt to put them in one place).

Foyer Ideas and Inspirations

Foyer # 1

Foyer Entrance by Geraldine Oliva

Living Room Ideas and Inspirations

Living Room # 1

Tropical Paradise Living Room by Geraldine Oliva

Living Room # 2

Image credit

Dining Area Ideas and Inspirations

Dining Area # 1

Tropical Paradise Dining Room by Geraldine Oliva

Kitchen Ideas and Inspirations

Kitchen # 1

Eat-in Kitchen

Bathroom Ideas and Inspirations

Bathroom # 1

Modern Bathroom

Bathroom # 2


Bathroom # 3


Bedroom Ideas and Inspirations (Teens)

Teen/Kid's Beedroom # 1

Grown-up Girl's Room

Teen/Kid's Beedroom # 2

Girl's Bedroom

Ideas and Inspirations for Other Areas of the House

Inspiration # 1: Area Under the Stairs

Area Under the Stairs


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