Thank You God for 2019!

I’m not gonna lie. There were some moments and events in 2019 that made me feel sad, angry, scared, frustrated and anxious.

Still, as I sit here writing this post and looking back at 2019, my heart is filled with gratitude for everything that transpired this year.

Why 2019 is Special to Me

If I were to answer a question as to why 2019 is special to me in one word, my response would be “moments.” The moments spent with my husband and daughters as we go about our daily activities. The moments spent with my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and relatives when we get a chance to visit each other. The moments spent meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. Those precious and priceless moments have brought me joy and peace and made me feel so blessed by God.

2019 Noteworthy Events

Thanks to LASIK, I got my vision corrected in April 2019 after 27 years of being bespectacled. Sometime in the middle of the year, God blessed us with a new addition to our growing family, my cute and healthy niece whom I fondly call “Bebeng”. In September, hubby and I embarked on a new “business venture”, renovating a house into a four-unit apartment. Finally, before the year ended, my family and I were able to visit my hometown.

Thank You God for 2019!

Thank you God for your steadfast love and grace. For good health, for a complete family. For answered prayers, for the learning experiences. For your guidance, protection, and comforting presence in our lives. You are faithful, wonderful and worthy of all praise.

revelation 4:11
Revelation 4:11


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