Home, At Last!

Thanks God for answered prayers. After Philippine Airlines gave our family a 10-hour notice that our CRK-EUQ early morning flight is cancelled, our request for rerouting to the MNL-ILO evening flight was finally approved. (You can read more about that here: MNL-ILO Flight, In or Out?) Rerouting allowed, without any payment for fare difference! Yay!

While it felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I wasn’t ready to go on a celebratory mode yet. All we had as we left the PAL Ticketing Office was a note from the agent, Bianca, and her instruction that we take it to the CRO Office.

The problem was that I forgot to ask where the CRO Office was.

And so, I went to a security guard to ask for directions. He asked a lot of questions, was looking for our ticket, but finally let us in and told us how to get to the CRO Office with just a note from the Ticketing Office as proof that we’re legitimate passengers. I actually thought that it was more likely because hubby kinda snarled at him for asking too many questions. To hubby’s defense, he was already tired as he’s the one who had to push our luggage and have them screened at the airport scanner so I understand while he was being impatient.

Since we needed to scan our luggage again as we enter the area, hubby asked me to leave my things with him so the kids and I can get in faster while he waits for his turn at the queue.

When I got to the CRO Office, I handed the customer service agent the note from Bianca and told her that we were sent from the Ticketing Office. I started panicking when the agent said she wasn’t aware of our concern, and so were her companions. A few more questions and I learned that there are two CRO Offices, one for international flights and another for domestic. Lucky me! I went to the wrong CRO Office (International Flights).

As we were leaving the CRO Office, I saw that hubby just got through the entrance and was starting to collect our belongings. Imagine the look of incredulity on his face when I told him that we went to the wrong place and had to leave and go to the Domestic Flights area (let me pause here so you can imagine for a while). I know, right? Great news to tell someone who just went through all the hassles of going through the airport scanner with six bags.

Well, I knew I was being a chicken but I walked as fast as I can towards the exit, asking the kids to run so they can catch up with me because that, right there, is my hubby’s “don’t mess with me” face. I know he’s not about to go berserk, but why tempt fate? (grin)

Anyway, fast forward to the CRO Office for Domestic flights (where I met up with my sister). I gave the note to one of the agents there and, yes, they know about it. After about 15 minutes, the guy finally printed out our boarding passes. Success!

boarding pass
A big sigh of relief after getting our boarding passes! Yay!
But, wait; there’s more!

We hit another snag at the check-in counter. It seems that our original baggage allowances and prepaid baggage were not carried over to our rerouted flight. The agent initially wanted us to pay for all our checked-in baggage. Thankfully, she personally followed up the issue at their Office while we waited for 15 minutes or so at the check-in counter.

Except for the 20 minutes delay at the runway, everything went fine from this point forward.

manila view from the plane
View from the airplane window moments after take-off. MNL-ILO flight.

My dad was there to pick us up at the airport, and we got the chance to eat dinner in Iloilo City with my brother and his family before heading to Antique.

eating out
Eating out at Tatoy’s ATRIA in Iloilo City before heading home.

Anyway, I have to mention that the two-hour drive to Antique was bumpier than I remembered. I heard my dad say that the roads were just newly constructed/renovated/repaved but my butt was complaining. It felt like we drove mostly on rugged, pothole-laden roads. I can’t even lull myself to sleep.

Just like Cinderella, we were home before the stroke of midnight. I’m so glad to finally rest after a stressful and eventful day.

If you haven’t yet, you can read the shorter version of our adventure from the start to finish here: Our Stressful Quest to Fly After a Flight Cancellation.


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