LASIK: Goodbye to My Buddy of 27 Years

Twenty-seven years ago, I started wearing eyeglasses.

I actually wasn’t aware that my vision was that bad until we had a test in Values Education. I remember, our Teacher wrote the choices on the blackboard and we had to copy the exact answers. I can’t recall what my score was but I remember writing letters instead of numbers as I was just guessing the words written on the board during that time.

Through the years, I probably changed my eyeglasses at least eight times. I also tried using contact lenses but I can’t endure all the hassles that came with it.

Finally, I got tired of my blurred vision. I can’t see anything clearly unless it’s like 6 inches from my face. Swimming, bathing, and anything that involves rain and water made me hate my being legally blind and my eyeglasses that kept fogging up.

Enter LASIK.

Bye bye buddy. Thanks for helping out through the years but I need to let you go now.

I wanted to have LASIK for years but I finally got the courage to go to the LASIK screening center only last Friday. Having been told that I am a good candidate for LASIK, I immediately accepted the next available appointment, which was on Wednesday, despite my apprehensions.

On the day of my LASIK operation at the Lasik Surgery Clinic at the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center, I met Dr. Nilo G. Ramirez Jr., the ophthalmologist who’s going to perform the LASIK surgery. He gave me an orientation regarding the procedure, mostly what’s going to happen during the LASIK and what I needed to do.

As I had expected, I was quite nervous during the surgery. I can hear Dr. Ramirez and the nurses talking and exchanging jokes, which somehow helped make the atmosphere less nerve wracking. However, I always caught myself with hands clenched so hard that I had to remind myself constantly to relax.

Dr. Ramirez instructed me to concentrate on the red dot but it seemed that all my senses were heightened. I felt the slight pressure on my eyes. I heard all the grinding sounds. Even the smell of something burning was making me nervous. But, pain? No. The procedure was thankfully painless.

About 15 to 20 minutes later, the procedure that I was so nervous about was complete. I even had time to pose with Dr. Ramirez.

lasik surgery
With Dr. Nilo G. Ramirez Jr. after the LASIK Surgery. Salamat po, Doc!

Before I left the clinic, I was given instructions on post-surgery care. Mefenamic acid was optional but I took some during the first day. Medications were mostly eyedrops, which I diligently used.

After 27 years, I finally said goodbye to my buddy. “I Won’t Last a Day Without You” no more to my dear eyeglasses.


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