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Callaways Series by Barbara Freethy

I love reading books. Although I prefer self-help/self-improvement and personal finance books nowadays, I also love reading contemporary and regency romance books. Among my favorite authors are Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood and Julia Quinn.A friend of mine gave me a complete set of the books from the Callaways series by Barbara Freethy recently. It's contemporary romance about the Callaway clan.  Here are the books in the series. I will be updating this post with my book review as I finish reading each book. All images of book covers are from Goodreads.
Book 1: On a Night Like This

Book 2: So This is Love

DIY Donut Pillow for Gesh

Last weekend, Georyl asked me if she can surprise Gesh with a donut pillow. I asked her to look for something that she likes on Shopee but she wanted to use the fabrics that she saw among my stuff to make her own donut pillow. Ain't that sweet?Anyway, since I can't say no to such a request, I let her draw her concept of her donut pillow on a piece of paper. She wanted one with icing, swirls and sprinkles. She also went through my fabrics and then picked a denim fabric for the pillow and a white fabric with pink crisscross lines for the icing. She can't find anything for the sprinkles but I remembered that we have some felt paper among our supplies.With the supplies ready, we decided to work on the donut pillow. "Work" means I start working on it while Georyl's task was to make sure that Geshery doesn't go to my room when I am working on the pillow.After about two hours and a handful of needle pricks, here's what I came up with.Sorry for the image qual…

Using Free Printable Bible Tabs from the Time-Warp Wife

Who hates freebies? Definitely not me!
I was ready to click the "Place Order" button for some bible tabs on Shopee earlier today when I noticed that the shipping cost is almost 2/3 of the price of the item I was planning to buy. Nope, that's too much so I decided to do an online search for downloadable ones to save on shipping fees. Guess what I found? FREE downloadable bible tabs that are fun, stylish, and, did I mention, free?
Among the myriad choices available on the internet, the free printable bible tabs shared by Darlene Schacht of The Time-Warp Wife definitely caught my attention. There was just a minor error in one of the book titles (Obadiah was spelled as Obediah) but overall, the tabs looked wonderful and were really cute.
I resized the tabs via Photoshop to come up with 1" x 0.25" bible tabs, printed them on sticker paper and used packaging tape to laminate the items so they will be sturdy without being bulky.
After c…

House Ideas and Inspirations

When I go online surfing, I see a lot of ideas on interior designs that I would like to apply at home. I usually pin them on Pinterest, download them on my laptop, or save them in an online ideabook at Houzz. But I end up forgetting them all because of the many accounts that I use.
Here's a collection of those pictures of house designs (and my attempt to put them in one place).
Inspiration # 1: Dining AreaInspiration # 2: Foyer EntranceInspiration # 3: Living RoomInspiration # 4: Kids Bedroom (teen)Inspiration # 5: Kids Bedroom (teen) Inspiration # 6: Kitchen Inspiration # 7: Bathroom Inspiration # 8: Bathroom Inspiration # 9: Bathroom Inspiration # 10: Under the Stairs

Georyl Sings "Let It Go" (video)

Do you remember the time when kids can't get enough of Elsa and Anna of the Frozen movie?

During that time, Georyl was not immune to the enchantment of the royalties from the Kingdom of Arendelle. She probably memorized all the lines of the characters in this animated movie. She's watched it day in and day out.

Of course, just like any young fanatic of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, she also has her own version of the song "Let It Go" that I'm going to share below.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's give it up for Georyl.

It's Father's Day 2020!

It's the third Sunday of June! In the USA, United Kingdom, Philippines, and eighty eight other countries in the world, it's Father's Day.
I would like to say Happy Father's Day first to my Papa. Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do for us, your children. Thank you for instilling in us the importance of family, honesty and discipline. We love you!

Happy Father's Day also to my dear grandfather, brothers, brothers-in-law, uncles, cousins and male friends who are fathers, and my single mom friends who take on fatherly responsibilities for their kids. Hope you all enjoy your day.
Last and certainly not the least, Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband. The kids and I are quite blessed to have you in our lives. Just like what Geshery said, we love you to Pluto to the sun and to the moon and back.
Do you still remember when this video was taken? Yes, it's when the kids want you to put them to sleep by reading them a book (after you gra…

Maja Blanca Without Coconut Milk - Success or Disaster?

IMPORTANT: Be sure to read my update at the end of this article.
My kids and I cooked the no gata (coconut milk) maja blanca today using the first recipe that came out of Google Search. Yes, that one with a YouTube video.
Verdict: The recipe, despite the gushing review at the end of the video by whoever cooked it, was a disaster! Proof: I barely can finish eating a 1"x1" slice of this no gata maja blanca. And this is from someone who loves this Filipino white pudding!  Sadly, we cooked enough to fill up four containers.
Lesson learned: The reason why they refer to maja blanca as coconut pudding is because there's coconut. Regardless of whether I have most of the ingredients on hand, attempting to cook maja blanca without coconut milk is futile.
We already gave away one container before we even tasted it. Now, that we already know how it tastes like, how do we eat the rest? 😂😂😂
UPDATE: Turns out, my youngest daughter and my hubby love this no…

Children's Educational Websites

Last year, at this time of the year, most of the kids are back to school already. Because of the COVID pandemic, however, kids did not only have an early start for their "summer vacation break", the start of the school year 2020-2021 still seems uncertain as well.
Since current community quarantine guidelines prohibit kids from going out, most of them just spend their time on their gadgets, playing online games, chatting or getting busy on social media. If you're looking for websites where your kids can spend time learning something, check out the list that follows. Not only are these websites informative, most have fun educational games for kids as well.
Internet 4 Classrooms - a collaboration between Susan Brooks and Bill Byles, this site offers free educational resources from pre-K thru Grade 12. They have online practice quizzes and printable worksheets.
FunBrain - You can watch videos, play games and read books on FunBrain. It gives you…